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Your lucky colour for the Month is: Green.

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Now is a good time to create a powerful impact especially when related to close partnerships and affiliations. Your lucky colour for the Month is: Gold. Don your creative hats. If you have a natural creative talent, this is a month to let self-expression take over.

Your lucky colour for the Month is: Pink. Gather information before taking any important decision.

Your lucky colour for the Month is: Blue. This month is good to stimulate your intellectual self. You may look to establish your own individual space. Your lucky colour for the Month is: Scarlet.

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This month can transform the way you think about your life. Your lucky colour for the Month is: Brown. Make time to focus on money and learn about wealth management and how to improve your trading or investments. Your lucky colour for the Month is: Black. This is a good period for meeting important people, especially those related to education, business, travel or law.

Your lucky colour for the Month is: Bright Blue. Take a break and get in touch with yourself; find your own space, unwind and rejuvenate your senses.

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Your lucky colour for the Month is: Aquamarine. You always wanted to be charitable and now is a fine time to participate in social causes, or supporting humanitarian concerns. Colour Horoscope Home Colour Horoscope. Colour Horoscope This application helps you find your lucky colour for the current month, along with a valuable tip.

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Aries Mar 21 - Apr Aries Your lucky colour for the Month is: Red. Taurus Apr 20 - May Taurus Your lucky colour for the Month is: Light Blue. Gemini May 21 - Jun The moment a child is born in Nepal, the exact time of birth is noted and given to the astrologer, who according to the position of the different planets in the solar system at that precise moment prepares a Cheena horoscope. Astrologers are consulted on various occasions like rice feeding, sacred thread and weddings.

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Almost all religious festivals in Nepal are governed by astrological readings. Tika during Dashain , Bhai Tika during Tihar , etc are occasions when the astrologers determine the auspicious hours for these festivities to take place. They also forecast the solar and lunar eclipses and their impact on people.

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