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The information about Martin Miller is limited to his birth month. But he published his book on mother Alice as Pluto-Uranus, three years after her death, moved across the disruptive constellation of Lilith-Chiron-Pluto in her natal chart. This is not an accusation and certainly not a reckoning.

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Just a protocol, a description of what really was, and the person Miller beneath her theses. The grief, needs, wish, and forgiveness of the child, lost behind the brittleness of the record-keeper.

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Alice Miller, the mother, as she undemonstratively becomes the "case. Tripped by the trap of denial. The horoscope of this mother is not complete since it has no time information. Sagittarius is the antiscion of Cancer. Aspects of such mutual "shadows" in the zodiac with each other can become an autonomous complex in psychological terms, which circles almost hermetically within a horoscope. There is no access to the cocoon, except through Pluto in the mother's sign, which is in turn ruled by the Moon.

Rocking in the trauma, forward and back, without a way out except through conscious access. In Alice Miller's natal chart, this Moon-Jupiter in the shock-susceptible Scorpio has the effect of a barrier, a palisade against the rest of the world, and, above all, for the Moon's sake, also against the person's own sensation. It is a defense and dam against the person's own feelings, memories, thoughts, and images of childhood. All of this water is solidified within itself and simultaneously boils due to Jupiter's ignition.

If necessary, also manipulative against oneself. Empowerment and absorption are the connecting link between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

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On the one hand as a compulsively optimistic expansion, and on the other as an emotional act of taking possession. While Scorpio pushes Sagittarius ahead of itself like a shield, senses it like a carrot in front of the nose, or can drive it through the inner landscapes, Sagittarius does not see Scorpio behind itself. The situation is similar with the compulsive belief concepts of a riotous Jupiter-Pluto which vents on behalf of the mission.

And then the Capricorn-Sun square Saturn. The rule of the rule, the discipline of the discipline, with priority of the form over content. One must after all. Must, must. Stoop down? There is a context of fear and a hunger for structure behind this. Perpetrators can only become aware of their guilt when they remember how it was when they were the victim. Martin Miller, Der Spiegel. And then the radical Mercury: The leading role, the sharp perception, and each of its disorders for Miller's pedagogic position of the necessary confirmed perception in how a child grows up are attested to by the broad opposition to Neptune.

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  5. Here, in Aquarius and Leo, is also the source of her dominant distancing talent and simultaneously its subjective dissolution of boundaries that always flows into it. Experiences enter through this channel: deceived perception or the eternal question about reality. To her own son, she could confirm little of what he then experienced with her: rejection, suppression, and denials. His pain, as a child, at precisely the points of her failure could possibly have brought her own wounds back home — into the consciousness of Alice as a human being, and not as the theorist.

    She dissociated herself with Martin. Because the Moon is also the relationship to our own motherliness and not just to the mothers. The cool or radicalized distance of the perspectively evaluating mother and psychologist also a question of the Scorpio-Sagittarius portions led — as described by Martin Miller — into a foreign, false world in which Alice Miller, the great psychologist, collided with the mother who had herself once been the devalued and maltreated child. Her control by Capricorn and Scorpio ensured that this inner child mainly the Moon in the natal chart wants to know nothing about herself and the son if they are needy.

    This may also be a question of capability instead of wanting. Alice Miller grew up in an orthodox Jewish family in Poland, which only became clear much later to the son when he searched for her biography that she had hidden. She had made a secret of herself.

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    Pisces-Mars, which rules Lilith-Chiron -- the wounds of anger about the chronically attacked and repeatedly broken backbone of autarky Pluto square -- frequently lets sugarcoating or other veils fall over consciousness. Until consciousness disguises itself in confusing settings. One of its headlines can be "self-deception. A person has the choice. Both bring pain through perception. But many reflections of the ego monument, chaos in the subjective, which flows into Jupiter and the Moon and even the sharp Mercury and calms the latter with Neptune in Leo.

    Alice Miller apparently had a strict mother with whom she did not experience warmth and who sent the eight-year-old to a relative in Berlin; for the first time, the restricted and regimented girl who would later pass the control to the children under Jupiter Trine Moon-Jupiter after a transit of Saturn to the Capricorn-Sun. During Saturn square the Scorpio constellation, Alice had to return two years later. After all, the Pisces-Mars does not have its own aquarium: It swims, flows, and often moves through borrowed territory. Closely connected with the South Node, the accustomed reaction remains blurred and not conscious of itself.

    It is difficult to come out of chaotic, preconscious rituals. In a now foreign homelike cosmos full of compulsion, pressure, and persecution, Alice was now completely alone again. In the middle of the war, in Poland, where her family is persecuted. She later "plays" this displacement and shunting of the child out with her son by giving him away when the bed-wetter becomes difficult.

    No one suspects this. Because Miller is an institution and not a private person. Not a human being but just a voice. She ensures this herself in the dissociation between the brain-Mercury and the Plutonian Moon portions. All my life, I had to hear from the fan community that many people would have wanted such a mother. People actually do wish this as readers of her books. But I thought I was in the wrong film because I had this mother and she was jointly responsible for the drama that I had experienced in my childhood, which resulted in my book title: The True Drama of the Gifted Child.

    Martin Miller, Berner Zeitung. Moon-Neptune — into which Jupiter drags its intensive, painful, and repeatedly overriding Scorpio sensation — speaks for gender competition in the family.

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    The world of motherly feeling as a superimposition until the individual liberates himself or herself. Alice Miller's Moon aspects present her with the greatest challenge that we can imagine on the astrological and psychological level. In such constellations, only those who reveal, honor, and allow their own pain to be personal instead of transcendent can heal it. But Martin Miller grew up in a mudflat of suppression because Alice may have lastingly banned the mother of her own shadow from a rejected childhood and kept her out of her own feelings by turning them into theorems, but she could not deal with them. The yesterday that is not translated into today continues to boil on its own.

    Pluto ruled in Cancer, the sign of the family of origin and homeland, Miller's Moon and Jupiter — both the vision of the other person to which her own feelings are attached, as well as the fiery surface — the fighter under whose philosophy the actual helplessness of her core family and, above all, the mother can be found.

    Alice Miller had avoided this key to herself The Untouched Key is one of her book titles and reforged it in Jupiter's fire into a purely energetic perspective of what trauma can do to the life of strangers, other children, and other circumstances. Her own perspective got lost in the process. She rejected her own children as she shunted, formed, or controlled them. When the boy is born and Pluto sits on Miller's Neptune and presumably moves into the square to the Moon and opposition Mercury, all of this must have surfaced in her again.

    The accumulation of a past, herself shunted, and her father in the ghetto. What she lacks, what she requires, what she has not learned as a woman and a mother takes the same path. Time and again, Martin, the son who had immediately "refused her breast," was given away; the daughter who was born with Down syndrome was welcomed to the world six years later with horror at her genetic deficiencies.

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    Also the gene problem. Also the inherited old burdens. Martin is sent to an institution because he disturbs and later to a boarding school because he runs away and knows no other way — resolution through distance, through objectification: the principle of Aquarius. Mother's Mercury, the only category that can be depended on. He admires her; he loves her and is proud when she — rarely — takes him seriously and shares her opinion, ideology, and social thesis with him.

    Opinion is not dangerous. The father, Andreas Miller — with Sun and Mars in Gemini and Moon-Saturn in Libra — is a Swiss sociologist who is intellectual to the core and purely identifies with the mind. He offers little support to counteract the concealed feelings of helplessness in his wife Alice with her dominant, intensive water Moon. But she also demonstrates that she is not a "victim" of her circumstances.

    When the boy is beaten, she stands there in order to later "prohibit" it.